Add 10 pounds of rock to 10 pounds of mud, and what do you get? 20 pounds of mud! Nowhere is a geotextile more important than in a roadway construction application, and Propex provides the products and solutions for every type of project.

Our GEOTEX® line of woven and nonwoven geotextiles are used every day to separate subgrade to prevent contamination of rock base, reinforce pavement sections atop poor soils, and assist in relieving subsurface drainage issues throughout the roadway. 

Couple these solutions with our PETROMAT® and PETROTAC® pavement fabric systems, and provide lifecycle benefit to the entire highway project using Propex geotextiles.

With an ongoing commitment to innovation, Propex now also offers REFLECTEX® as an unbounded concrete interlayer fabric to reduce costs, save time, and improve performance on rigid pavement overlay projects. Discover how Propex can be an integral partner in every phase of the roadway construction project.

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Discover how our geotextile solutions can help you hold your ground.

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Erosion Control

Just as important to sound roadway engineering and construction is the protection and enhancement of the roadside. Erosion, sedimentation, and failing slopes can be nuisances to a transportation project, or they can threaten lives.

Propex offers systems to control erosion and reinforce slopes, from the simple roadside drainage ditch, to repairing the failed slope on a highway embankment, our solutions work for railways, airports, marine transportation facilities as well. Our technical team of experts can assist you in design using flexible, reinforced vegetation alternatives to conventional hard armor, saving you time and costs. 

Discover the benefits of our LANDLOK®, PYRAMAT®, and ARMORMAX® brand of erosion and slope stabilization solutions for your most challenging transportation infrastructure projects. 

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Keeping erosion and slope failure from ruining transportation infrastructure.

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