Propex has always been the trusted go to for geotextile solutions, and continues to lead the industry in the production of quality, cost competitive materials for commercial applications.

Our GEOTEX® line of woven and nonwoven geotextiles provide outstanding performance in applications ranging from separation of subgrade and stone base in parking lots, improving bearing capacity of shallow foundations, to aiding in filtration and drainage behind structural walls. Our expert sales and technical resources can assist you in choosing the right product for whichever application provides a challenge on your commercial project. 

Propex’s PETROMAT®, PETROTAC®, and GRIDPRO® brands also provide solutions for specific applications on the commercial site, from rehabilitating pavements to reinforcing retaining walls. Our trusted manufacturing quality ensures that Propex products will perform to the level that you expect and require in your design and construction.

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How can Propex Geotextiles help you stabilize and reinforce soils for your commercial project?

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Erosion Control

A beautiful new high-end retail development, an efficient new distribution center, or a state-of-the-art outdoor athletic complex, all tarnished by poorly performing erosion and sediment control measures. Prevent this disaster by contacting Propex before erosion and sedimentation plagues your project.

Propex offers an entire line of erosion control and slope stabilization solutions for the commercial site development. From protecting channels and swales with LANDLOK®, to lining stormwater ponds with PYRAMAT®, to stabilizing steep slopes with ARMORMAX®, Propex can help eliminate erosion problems while helping your project serve as a showcase for green and sustainable development.

Discover the value of vegetated, soft armor solutions for cost savings and engineered performance in your commercial project with Propex by your side.

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Don’t let soil erosion wash away your reputation

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