GeoSolutions Products

Starting with just a few non-woven geotextiles many years ago, Propex quickly perfected and expanded a scientific approach to soil stabilization challenges that not only helped build our company, but pioneered an entire industry. Today, Propex GeoSolutions are Tested, Proven, and Trusted solutions for a variety of civil and environmental engineering challenges. Propex manufactures the right solutions to improve performance and save costs, whether used for roadways, embankments, landfills, levees, drainage applications and many more.

As one of the largest geotextile manufacturers in the world, Propex has perfected the production of a wide variety of products to deliver superior performance under demanding construction conditions. We partner with universities, public agencies, and private consultants across the globe to further improvements to civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering approaches using geotextiles. We continue to provide industry leadership to set standards for quality and innovation, and pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive and advanced technical service and support in the market. Our GeoSolutions products are truly poised to support a stable tomorrow.


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